Last week was National Weaning Week which aims to bring retailers, brands, experts and families together.
Held each year, the event provides lots of support, advice, tips and recipes to parents of children from 6-12 months old, with the focus being to make the weaning process as easy and as smooth as possible.

This period also represents an opportune time to talk about the link between certain foods and eczema, particularly as a major NHS study of food allergies in children with eczema has been recently launched.

Conducted by researchers from Manchester, Bristol and Southampton Universities, comprehensive insights into childhood eczema are hoped for.

Studying Children With Eczema Aged 3-24 Months Also commonly referred to as atopic dermatitis, childhood eczema is characterised by dry, inflamed and itchy skin

Often flaring up for seemingly no reason, parents often worry that food allergies are behind the problem. However, science is yet to identify which foods, if any, cause problems for the skin of young children.

The forthcoming study is called the Trial of Food Allergy IgE Tests for Eczema Relief, or TIGER for short, and it’s being funded and conducted by the National Institute for Health & Care Research (NIHR). The clinical trial will involve 493 children with eczema between the ages of 3 to 24 months from GP surgeries in the West of England, Dorset, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Greater Manchester.

cow's milk, wheat, hen’s eggs, and soya

Two Control Groups - Standard Care & Dietary Advised

Of the 493 children involved, two randomised groups will be created for testing; one receiving standard care and the other benefitting from dietary advice. Using these parameters, skin prick tests will be conducted in relation to cow’s milk, wheat, hen’s eggs, and soya and once the study is complete, we’ll know if dietary advice improves the condition…or not.

Speaking about the study, Chief Investigator, GP & Professor of Primary Health Care For Bristol’s Centre for Academic Primary Care, Matthew Ridd, had this to say…

“I am delighted to be leading this important NHS study. Eczema is common and children with eczema are at increased risk of immediate-type food allergy – a reaction which usually occurs within a few minutes. However, we don’t know whether routinely screening for food allergies is helpful for delayed allergy symptoms.

“Looking after a baby with eczema can be tough on the whole family, especially if they are awake at night scratching. There is a lot of uncertainty about the role of food allergy and food allergy tests, which this study will help address.”

Committed to Helping Free Children of the Misery of Eczema

At HappySkin, we’re committed to helping free children of the misery that can be caused by childhood and baby eczema. That’s why we’re so interested in the findings of this study, as it’s long been wondered whether specific foods have a higher contributing cause to eczema than others. What’s more, regular GP treatments just don’t deal with the problem.

Hannah Morgans, a mother of a child with eczema involved in the study, shows the dilemma that many parents face…

“It’s a common concern among parents like me that, by using the various creams that the doctor gives you, you’re just treating the symptoms and not the cause of your child’s eczema. Often eczema develops around the same time that babies are weaned, and it can be difficult to decide whether the two things are linked or just coincidence.

Most children don’t get access to food allergy tests to help parents decide and this study will find out whether doing so improves disease control.”

The HappySkin team will be eagerly waiting for the findings of this study, and if you want to take part yourself, click on the link.

Visit the study

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