At HappySkin®, we’re passionate about clothes that let kids be happy and healthy in their own skin.

As a parent, happiness is seeing your child comfortable in their own skin. You’re driven to do your best so when you see them itching, uncomfortable and distressed because of sensitive, dry, irritated skin, even if they have mild to moderate eczema, all you want to do is relieve their suffering.

So, dress them in HappySkin® – base layer clothing designed to soothe and protect their irritated skin. Watch them play, sleep and smile as every child should. Get your child happy in their skin so they can enjoy childhood – uninterrupted.

HappySkin® has been created by DreamSkin® Health Ltd, a company with 10 years experience in dermatology. Our first product DreamSkin® is a medical device that has been available on prescription for over a decade.

Our mission is to provide superior products and services by developing innovative solutions to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of our customers, especially little ones. That’s why we created, HappySkin®, our unique range of base layers designed to get children comfortable and happy in their own skin. HappySkin® has taken over 6 years to perfect and uses the highest quality manufacturing and production techniques to produce an innovation in skincare and repair.

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