HappySkin® is a base layer range made from DreamSkin®, a unique polymer that soothes and protects dry, sensitive and even eczema-prone skin.

What makes HappySkin® so special? We thought we’d let you in on our secret!

Our products contain a unique polymer, called Dreamskin®. When the DreamSkin® Polymer is applied to the fabric, it helps to regulate the skin’s temperature and retains moisture – helping to relieve itching and improve the hydration of dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin.

HappySkin® mimics the top layer of your skin. The base layers are designed to regulate the flow of moisture and temperature near the skin and offers protection from unwanted irritantsThat way, dry, sensitive and even eczema-prone skin stays protected and never too warm or too cool. Plus, it also provides anti-bacterial protection.

 See for yourself in the video below!

The Science Bit

You'll Notice A Difference

HappySkin® base layers are designed to look good and feel great to wear, but with a clear mission to protect and help soothe sensitive and irritated skin. Designed and manufactured from supersoft fabric with unique DreamSkin® polymer technology.


Eczema clothes for babies

Designed For Little Ones

HappySkin® is a base layer range designed to soothe your child’s dry, sensitive and even eczema-prone skin.

HappySkin® Logo

HappySkin® is Healthy Skin

HappySkin® works just like healthy skin, by correcting the flow of moisture and regulating the temperature of the skin. That way, it’s never too warm or too cool.

DreamSkin Eczema Technology

A Unique Polymer

The base layer range is made with DreamSkin® technology, a unique polymer that’s been available on prescription for over a decade. Now, we’re making it available for everyone.

Eczema Fabric

Made With TENCEL

They are designed to look good when worn on as a underlayer or on its own. Plus, it’s made from a tightly-knitted premium-quality TENCEL™ fabric so your child can enjoy lasting comfort.

Protects Sensitive Baby Skin

Protection For Your Little Ones

HappySkin® forms a next-to-skin barrier to provide protection against skin irritants often found in washing detergents, which can lead to further irritation.

Comfortable Eczema Clothes

Designed To Bring Them Comfort

For maximum comfort, the garments include off-set, flat seams to ensure minimal irritation.

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