HappySkin® uses the same unique DreamSkin® polymer technology that soothes, protects and treats dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin.

What makes HappySkin so special? We thought we’d let you in on our secret!

All our clothing is coated with a unique polymer technology, called DreamSkin®, which is clinically proven to treat eczema. When the DreamSkin® coating is in direct contact with damaged skin, it kick-starts the skin’s natural moisturizing, which regulates the skin’s temperature and rehydrates the skin to relieve the scratch/itch cycle associated with dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin.

HappySkin is like no other eczema clothing! What sets us apart from other regular cotton clothing is our unique DreamSkin technology coating and expertly designed garments that maximise comfort for the user.

The Benefits Of The Technology

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The unique DreamSkin® coating on HappySkin® clothing mimics the top layer of your skin. This very clever garment is designed to regulate the flow of moisture which in turn controls the temperature of the skin. That way, dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin stays hydrated and reverses the scratch itch cycle to give your child a comfortable night’s sleep.

Our skin is the body’s largest organ and when the skin is damaged by eczema the skin sensors just below the skin’s surface whose job it is to sweat (when we are too hot) or retain moisture (when we are too cold) switch off causing the skin to dry and become incredibly itchy.


When a thick paraffin based cream is applied to damaged skin, this clogs up the skin’s pores and prevents the skin from managing moisture to control body temperature. Our unique DreamSkin® technology coating on all of our HappySkin® clothing stimulates the sensors that switch off when skin is affected by eczema and allows the skin to breathe and manage moisture just as it would do when it is healthy.

When skin is affected by eczema, the skin’s sensors that manage moisture and body temperature switch off causing the skin to become dry, irritated, incredibly itchy and often infected. Covering the skin with thick creams blocks the skin’s pores making the problem worse and the scratch/itch cycle continues. The unique DreamSkin® technology coating on all HappySkin® clothing is designed to relieve the scratch/itch cycle, allowing the skin to recover its natural moisture levels and effectively soothe eczema.

HappySkin® clothing is made from a featherlight blend of supersoft Tencel and cotton. Tencel is made from renewable eucalyptus trees and is completely natural. HappySkin® clothing is 100% hypoallergenic and is breathable which is vital for sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin. 

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Feeling let down by Doctors? You are not alone! Why HappySkin can replace your creams

HappySkin eczema clothing has been designed to effectively treat eczema, with our proprietary DreamSkin coating helping to reawaken these skin sensors and restore healthy skin function. Moreover, when worn regularly next to the skin, the super-soft cotton/TENCEL fabric is so comfortable, they won’t even know they’re wearing it!

So, before you go down the route of paraffin-based creams and steroid medications that do nothing to improve eczema, we encourage you to try our garmentsThe vast majority of people who use them for their children see results in just 7 days, and you could be next!

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