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The science behind the smile

Find out more about our technology that let kids be happy and healthy in their own skin


A unique technology Now available non-prescription

Coated with Dreamskin® polymer now available non-prescription.

Originally formulated to stop contact lenses drying out in your eyes, our clinically proven DreamSkin® technology is bonded onto the fabric from which our clothing is lovingly made. Dreamskin® interacts with your baby’s skin to kick-start a natural healing process.

This natural healing process occurs as the Dreamskin® technology interacts with moisturising glands on the skin to gently encourage them to release additional moisture. The moisture created soothes and repairs damaged skin with results seen in a matter of a few days.

Baby Clothes for Eczema Skin

Designed for
the little ones
Recommended by
doctors & parents

The HappySkin® garment is all you need to soothe, protect and repair your little one’s skin. No need to worry about all those messy creams and lotions. Just put your baby in Happyskin® and watch them smile.

We are on a mission to improve the skin of children. Our garments are recommended by Doctors and loved by parents. HappySkin® is the only product to achieve 100% positive feedback in Made for Mums testing.


Made with TENCEL™ Premium-quality fabric

We are obsessed with designing the perfect clothing for your little ones.

Our clothing is made from the softest premium quality Tencel/Cotton fabric. Seams and labels are on the outside to ensure absolute comfort. Our clothes look great as well, so they can be worn on their own or as a base layer.

Eczema Bodysuit
  • The material is super soft and featherlight
  • The slim-fitting style forms a next-to-skin barrier for optimal polymer performance
  • Flat seams with soft thread ensuring minimal irritation
  • Offset seams and outward hems for maximum comfort
  • No labels to ensure minimal irritation
  • Integrated Mitts to stop scratching

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