Our Fabric Technology Mimics the Natural Skin's Ability to Heal and Rebalance Moisture.

clothes for eczema

Feeling let down by your doctors? You are not alone!

Our super soft fabric used in our base layer clothing is coated with a unique polymer technology that’s been available on prescription for over a decade in the UK. It not only retains moisture like a cream, but helps with regulating the temperature of skin which is an essential part of skins functions when relieving symptoms of irritated, dry and eczema prone skin.

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Our clothing has been put through rigorous parent testing to achieve the accolades of Made for Mums Approved and Mother & Baby Tried & Tested

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See results in days using HappySkin

What our Happy parents have to say.....

“Complete game changer. We tried everything for our boy and couldn’t get him off steroids. 3 weeks later he is a changed baby! HappySkin will always be a staple in our wardrobe from now on ❤️ thank you so much!”

Danni Gorian

“For any parent going through the daily torment of their child’s discomfort, lack of sleep and general worry about the effects of sensitive, eczema prone skin- Happy skin is a dream come true!, literally. We as a family have suffered for 15 months from our son being born. We have tried EVERYTHING and sincerely the only thing that has helped him sleep comfortably is Happy Skin wear. Most importantly is that it’s not just something to ‘refrain him from irritating his skin’ but for him not to itch therefore him not to be uncomfortable himself!”

Clare McCabe

“Our daughter has very sensitive skin and these garments, especially the ones with the gloves are incredible. The material is great on the skin, the fit is great and its made a big difference to our daughters quality of sleep. I cannot recommend these garments highly enough.”

Antony Wilshaw

“Received orders very quickly. Clothes are well made. My little one has very dry, sensitive skin, I’ve only been using these a week but they are clearly helping. I bought two to try and the day they were both in the wash was the day I bought more because the difference was evident”

Rachel Warren

“My little boy has suffered eczema from birth and it got particularly bad last year. I started to use HappySkin pyjamas. We were on strong steroids and lots of moisturisers and I had read that the special material can actually replace the need for creams so I thought let’s give it a go. The results are unreal, from raw red itchy skin to looking like there never was a problem! Even those stubborn places like behind the knees, wrists and elbows have just vanished! He rarely scratches anymore. I think the HappySkin pyjamas are complete miracle workers!”

Liz Cartwright

“I’ve found it’s really helped Ayda’s skin as we haven’t had any red patches or rashes for weeks now and honestly holding the girls in these feels amazing, they are so soft and snuggly – if your little one has any skin issues I would recommend checking them out.”


“I am blown away at the results of my 2 boys who suffer from eczema…just a few days of weariing happy skin its like magic. We have been so sooo many dermatologists and been through countless creams, steroids and this is magic!!” Thank you so much”


“Amazing service, product and aftercare. Our 2 year old son has eczema that is so dry, sore and flaky on his hands and no creams worked. After endless trips to the doctors I finally discovered HappySkin and within 1 week we noticed a huge difference with just wearing the gloves overnight. Each day we see an improvement and I’m definitely going to buy other clothing items to help with different patches across his body. The aftercare has been so lovely, someone always there to answer questions. Great company and products :-)”

Lydia Fern

“HappySkin removes the fuss of applying creams. It’s been 4 weeks using HappySkin and I’ve not used the topical cream I usually apply to eczema breakouts once.”


24/7 Eczema Relief

Unlike creams, ointments & steroids, you can’t over wear HappySkin! Our unique DreamSkin coating being in contact with the skin does all the work while your little one can focus on the important things like enjoying their skin!

To Get The Best Out Of HappySkin, Watch Our Helpful Video!

Happyskin with Dreamskin coating

The Science Behind Our Unique DreamSkin Coating Compared to Creams! What is DreamSkin?

Our clothing has a unique polymer technology, called Dreamskin®. This is coated to the fabric, which helps to regulate the skin’s temperature levels and helps retains moisture when needed – helping to relieve itching and improve the hydration of dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin.

HappySkin garments mimics the top layer of your skin. It’s designed to regulate the flow of moisture and temperature near the skin and offers protection from unwanted irritants. That way, dry, sensitive and even eczema-prone skin stays protected and never too warm or too cool. Plus, it also provides anti-bacterial protection!

Why we say “No Paraffin”

Paraffin blocks the pores of the skin and can further irritate eczema. Paraffin-based creams are designed to form a barrier over the skin to retain moisture but do not allow the skin to release moisture through sweating. This can further irritate damaged eczema skin.

Your child may seem more irritated by their skin after applying barrier creams containing paraffin because of this and the never-ending cycle of creams not working continues!

That’s why we created HappySkin. We deliver our moisturising technology through a breathable fabric to allow the skin to be able to perform its natural moisture management cycle.

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