Mild Eczema Baby Pack

  • Paraffin & Steroid-free solution
  • 24/7 clinically proven eczema relief
  • Reduces pain & discomfort in days
  • Gives you and your child your sleep back
  • Award-winning eczema clothing company
  • Hypoallergenic & eco-friendly eczema treatment

Eczema can appear differently, depending on each baby and their skin type. So, to help you treat your baby’s mild eczema, we’ve curated a custom pack containing our best-selling garments to get you started.

Our Tencel cotton is not only soft but also super comfortable, and it’s designed with your little one’s comfort in mind. We’ve engineered our eczema clothing with outward facing hems and flat seams for the best snug fitting and minimal irritation caused by rubbing.

Unlike other cotton garments marketed as suitable for eczema, every HappySkin garment is coated with our fast-acting DreamSkin technology which is proven to relieve eczema more effectively than any paraffin cream! Say no to steroid creams, oils, and ointments today!

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What you will receive in your mild eczema baby pack:

2 x Baby Bodysuit

2 x Baby Leggings

If traditional medication is not working or if you just need some advice on how to get the best out of your HappySkin garments, please arrange an appointment with one of our skin expert, who will explain just how the skin works and how to treat their eczema flare up by dealing with the root cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms.

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HappySkin have created a helpful Eczema Skin Care Routine for baby guide.

You will find an eczema care routine, baby eczema bath routine, how to wash eczema skin, eczema face wash routine and answering frequently asked questions by parents.

“Click To Download Your – Free Eczema Skin Care Routine Guide”

Soothes Eczema
Soothes Eczema
Clinically Proven Technology
Clinically Proven Technology
Manages Moisture
Manages Moisture
Reduces Itching
Reduces Itching
Regulates Temperature
Regulates Temperature
Aids Sleep
Aids Sleep

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Is This Your Eczema Journey So Far?

eczema baby

When your little one has severe eczema, your GP or dermatologist will prescribe you a “strong steroid cream”, which comes with a number of advantages and disadvantages.

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A recent survey of 100 parents whose children suffer from eczema, had an average of 9 different creams and paraffin-based ointments prescribed by their healthcare professionals. 95/100 said that the prescribed treatments were not working and 60 cases reported that the creams and ointments were actually making their child’s eczema worse!

How To Use Your HappySkin Treatment Pack

Severe Eczema
mild eczema

Features & Technology


Super soft fabric.
Outward turned hems to ensure minimal irritation
Offset, flat seams for best fit and minimal irritation from rubbing.
Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly eczema treatment.


Our unique DreamSkin coating is bonded onto all of our garments to help treat your child’s eczema.

Our special technology manages the moisture in the skin like a cream, but unlike creams, our delivery system allows the skin to breathe which is why you’ll see a significant difference in 7 days of using our products.

If you do not see the difference, please contact us immediately for help.