If you’re someone who suffers from the misery of atopic dermatitis or you’re the parent of a child with the problem, you’ll know that hot weather can make things much worse. In fact, recent studies have shown that for every 5°F increase in temperature, poorly controlled eczema can worsen by as much as 15%.

The reason for this relates to temperature control, as unaffected skin keeps itself healthy by releasing moisture when it’s hot and contracting when cold. The skin’s subdermal sensors control this action, however, when eczema takes hold and the dermis and epidermis become dry and scabby, this healthy cycle is broken.

But Why Does Emollient Cream Make My Eczema Worse?

When you go to your GP for your or your child’s eczema, you’ll typically be prescribed some kind of paraffin-based occlusive cream. The dry, cracked and often scabby skin that characterises eczema is meant to be helped by these creams that are designed to soothe and hydrate while locking in what’s seen as much-needed moisture.

The question is, if these regular-use emollients are so great at what they do, what’s the reason for so many people online asking, “Why does emollient cream make my eczema worse? ? Well, there happens to be a very good reason behind it, and it relates to the difference between water and sweat.

Sweat Contains Much More Than Just Water

What does the skin do when it needs to cool down? That’s right, it sweats, and if it were made up of 100% pure water, that would be good news for your skin. Sweat is nearly all H2O – 99% to be exact – however that other 1% is what makes the difference. This part is made up of fats, salt, urea and trace amounts of ammonia.

These compounds are known to aggravate eczema, so the beneficial hydration that sweat provides is greatly outweighed by the irritation that ensues. This offers us an indication as to why emollient creams exacerbate the problem.

Emollient Creams Trap Sweat Inside

When emollient creams are applied to the skin, they do what they’re created for – locking in moisture. The trouble is when the weather gets warmer, as it is right now, sweat is introduced into the equation, and if it’s not allowed to evaporate, it starts to cause issues.

Ordinarily, sweat and the problem compounds it contains evaporate, but barrier creams prevent that from happening. As it’s providing a barrier from the outside world, it also locks sweat in, which then has nowhere to go but sideways.

Other Areas of Skin Become Affected

This not only makes eczema redder and angrier but the sideways movement of the trapped sweat channels it to other healthy areas of skin, which then also become irritated. Far from helping your eczema, it can make it worse, much worse.

Naturally, those using it become confused by the results, as it’s not what the expert (their doctor) has told them it will do. Fortunately, there’s a much more gentle option to consider.

HappySkin Garments Restore Healthy Skin Function

At HappySkin, we offer supersoft TENCEL™/cotton garments that deal with the issue of eczema in a different and much more gentle way. Restoring the skin’s ability to regulate moisture levels with their unique Dreamskin coating technology, the itch-scratch cycle is broken, allowing the wearer to avoid those troublesome flare-ups that emollient creams cause.

Viewed under a microscope, HappySkin eczema clothing’s innovative polymer coating is identical to the top layer of skin. When it comes in contact, it tricks the skin into ‘thinking’ that it’s healthy. When combined with a paraffin-free cream and sparing use of steroid creams when needed, our eczema garments help to put your skin on the road to recovery.

Year-Round Skin Support from HappySkin Eczema Clothing

No matter what time of year, HappySkin eczema clothing is the most gentle and effective way to deal with the ongoing issue of atopic dermatitis. Sadly, there’s no current cure for the problem, but our garments offer the next best thing – a comfortable and proven way to restore your skin’s natural ability to react to temperature changes.

If you’d like to learn more about us and our industry-leading eczema baby clothing, please take a moment to browse our website which offers you all the info you need. Alternatively, if you’d like to talk to our team directly about your needs, just call 01707 260 505, and we’ll do our utmost to give you the answers you require.