Eczema Baby Clothing Starter Pack 3

A perfect set for your little ones and new parents. Our eczema starter pack three contains our most popular selection from our HappySkin® range.



  • Our eczema starter pack 3 should be worn 24/7 during eczema flare-ups. The more HappySkin clothing is worn, the more benefit your child will get.


  • Please check our size guide to ensure correct fit. Our DreamSkin® technology needs to be in contact with skin at all times.
  • Our eczema clothing is true to size and naturally snug.


  • Please do not use thick layers of cream with HappySkin garments, especially paraffin-based ointments (greasy and oily).
  • Oat based creams or similar that can be fully absorbed into your child’s skin work best with HappySkin garments and you should only apply a thin layer and allow to dry before dressing.

How to Video:

  • Super soft fabric.
  • Outward turned hems, offset, flat seams for best fit and minimal irritation from rubbing.
  • Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly eczema treatment.

Type & Style:

  • Contains our most popular product(s) for dry, irritated, and eczema-prone skin.
  • Seamless design

Our unique DreamSkin technology coating is bonded onto all of our garments to help treat your child’s eczema.

Our special technology manages the moisture in the skin like a cream, but unlike creams, our delivery system allows the skin to breathe which is why you’ll see a significant difference in 7 days of using our products.

If you do not see the difference, please contact us immediately for help.


  • 48% Cotton, 47% Tencel, 5% Elastane
  • No harmful chemicals, dyes or toxins (which is why we’re only available in white).


  • Wash between 30°- 40°
  • Do not Bleach
  • Tumble dry low/medium temperature
  • Iron at low/medium temperature
  • Do not dry clean

Keep away from fire

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Soothes Eczema
Soothes Eczema
Clinically Proven Technology
Clinically Proven Technology
Manages Moisture
Manages Moisture
Reduces Itching
Reduces Itching
Regulates Temperature
Regulates Temperature
Aids Sleep
Aids Sleep

Our eczema starter pack 3 features a unique technology like no other! Previously only available on prescription

Our DreamSkin® technology is bonded on to the surface of HappySkin® clothing. Which forms an invisible protective layer, to help prevent their skin against irritation and scratching.


Eczema clothing designed for babies with sensitive skin condition Recommended by doctors & parents

The DreamSkin® technology featured in our clothing works by mimicking just like a healthy skin. It helps by correcting the flow of moisture and maintaining/regulatin skin’s temperature.


Made with TENCEL™ Premium & eco-friendly fabric

All our garments are made from 100% biodegradable TENCEL™ cotton fabric. Which is made from eucalyptus wood making it highly breathable and fresh.

So, your little one can enjoy long lasting comfort! Our garments can be worn under regular clothing as well without having to worry, if they will be too cold or too warm.

*You may see some bobbling after washing but this is normal with this type of soft fabric. This will NOT effect the eczema treatment performance of the garment.

Delivered to your door in our 100% recyclable packaging

Happy Skins Parcel

“My 6 month old has suffered with sever ezcema since he was 3 months old and it has affected his life massively. Even as a family it has affected day to day life. I purchased a happy skin bodysuit and he was so much more comfortable when outside now its getting colder. He wears them under his clothes and they help his skin so much.”


“Amazing product. It made a huge difference reducing the itching and soothing the eczema. Highly recommended!!!”


“Complete game changer. We tried everything for our boy and couldn't get him off steroids. 3 weeks later he is a changed baby! Happyskin will always be a staple in our wardrobe from now on ❤️ thank you so much!”