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HappySkin would like to introduce to you our Almost Perfect range of clothing*.

Our Almost Perfect range are HappySkin garments that do not pass our strict quality control. These garments are 100% new and clean.

They will have small artificial marks and blemishes that do not affect the DreamSkin technology performance that will treat your little ones eczema. You get the same amazing HappySkin garments but at a heavily discounted price!

Reduce Waste – By shopping our almost perfect range of eczema clothing, we help in reducing the three hundred thousand tons of clothes that are discarded every year!

Care for the environment – The world bank estimates that the fashion industry is responsible for almost 20% of all industrial water pollution annually. It is also responsible for 10% of the carbon emissions in our air – around 1kg of clothes produced creates 23kg of greenhouse gases!

Please reach out to our friendly HappySkin team if you have any questions.

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➖Please note there is limited availability on these items➖

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