Hello and welcome to the latest HappySkin blog, in which we bring you hints, tips and advice on how best to control your child’s eczema. Now, in answer to the question in the title, yes, certain garments can certainly be used to treat atopic dermatitis – which is why our eczema clothing  is growing in popularity with every passing week.

However, before we tell you more about that, we’ll provide some insight into the other specialist clothing on the market and why it’s not able to do what HappySkin eczema baby clothing can for your child’s skin.


Antibacterial Clothing

While antibacterial clothing is not marketed as an eczema treatment per se, it is advertised as being gentle, comfortable, and resistant to the growth of bacteria – as the name would suggest. These garments are typically impregnated with a combination complex of zinc known as zinc pyrithione that both kills and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

You may have come across the compound without knowing it if you’ve ever used an anti-dandruff shampoo. Zinc pyrithione is the active ingredient present in these shampoos, however, when treating eczema, bacteria isn’t the issue.

The science isn’t clear on the exact reason behind eczema, but the consensus is that the answer lies in either genes or environmental triggers like allergens or irritants. So, as good as it is at controlling bacteria, it’s not going to do anything to relieve eczema.

Introducing Our Eczema Treatment Packs Coated with our fast-acting DreamSkin technology which is proven to relieve eczema more effectively than any paraffin cream!

Eczema can appear differently, depending on each baby and their skin type. So, to help you kick start your little ones eczema under control - we've curated these packs containing our best selling garments to get you started.

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Antimicrobial Clothing

Another alternative to HappySkin baby eczema clothing  is garments made from antimicrobial textiles. Typically containing silver ions that greatly reduce the transmission of infection, they’ve been used widely in healthcare and medical settings, particularly as they’re also able to repel unpleasant odours and smell fresh after use.

Again, it’s obvious that antimicrobial clothing is very useful for certain things, but in terms of eczema, it’s not going to do a whole lot. It will smell nicer and cleaner for longer, but none of the driving factors that cause eczema are dealt with in any way.

HappySkin Eczema Clothing

So, with the scene set with regards to what else is available, we now look closely at HappySkin eczema clothing. How is it different? Well, for starters, it contains cutting-edge technology in the form of its DreamSkin coating. This coating is proven to not only reduce inflammation but also actively encourage the skin to heal itself.

Sure, our garments are exceptionally comfortable, thanks to being created from high-quality TENCEL/cotton – which is just what you want for your baby’s skin – but they’re also proven to stimulate the sensors under the skin that regulate temperature and moisture. These sensors become dormant under eczema-prone skin and stop doing the job they’re designed for.

As such, when worn on a regular basis, your child’s eczema not only controlled but allowed to heal. Able to once again regulate it’s temperature – sweating when hot and retaining moisture when cold – the skin is able to return to a healthy state gently. That means no more pore-clogging eczema creams from your GP that do little to help.

HappySkin Eczema Clothing: The Only Effective Option

Eczema baby clothing is not just the best option for controlling the problem of atopic dermatitis, it’s the only effective eczema treatment around. Nothing else works together with the skin, triggering its natural function to promote natural healing. Try a garment or two for your little one and we guarantee you’ll see an improvement within 7 days.

If you’d like to find out more about us and how our amazing eczema clothing works, take a look around our website, where you’ll find everything, you need to know. Alternatively, to speak to us directly about your needs, call us on 01707 260 505 and a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help.


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