eczema skin care routine guide and bathing tips eczema skin care routine guide and bathing tips
eczema baby guide & best tips for eczema
eczema skin care routine guide and bathing tips
Parents guide on how get rid of paraffin for babies skin
Eczema soothing bath routine
how to avoid eczema baby triggers flare-ups
best baby, child face wash for eczema
treating eczema in babies: baths, creams, ointments, clothing

Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow our helpful guide on to rid the skin of paraffin.

Once the skin is clear of paraffin you can wash your little one every other day & rehydreate the skin with our suggested creams.

Please do not exfoliate dry skin!

Dry skin is part of the skin healing process and scrubbing the skin could cause further irritation.

Apply non-paraffin based creams in moderation, whenever the skin appears dry.

DO NOT over moisturise!


Natural sea/ocean water is great for the skin but it is very hard to replicate natural sea water with bath salts and you could end up  irritating the skin further.

You can wash HappySkin garments as frequently as you would noramlly wash your regular clothes.

Please check the leaflet for washing instructions.

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“Since my daughter started wearing the pj's she has had a reduction in her flare ups and noticed a vast improvement in her itching cycle. Were slowly winning this battle. Thanks again”


“Happy skin are great garments that have definitely helped my 5 year olds eczema. The flare up are less often and less severe with the need for steroids drastically reduced if not eliminated! We have tried everything and this is the only thing that has made a big difference, so thank you!!”


“I took a gamble on these as I was at a loss with my daughter's skin. Endless itching, flares, she clearly found her Skinnies from the doctor uncomfortable to wear, and they gave her heat rash. She complained every time we put them on. She is instantly more comfortable in these.”


“Extremely happy with the improvement of my son’s skin since using HappySkin sleepsuit! Little to no scratching at night meaning we all sleep better and his skin is looking loads better. I can’t recommend their sleepsuits enough! X”