National Eczema Support Week National Eczema Support Week

National Eczema Week runs between the 9th and 16th of September, 2023. Through it, the National Eczema Society is raising awareness of the true impact of the condition. Their More than Just an Itch campaign highlights the debilitating effects of atopic dermatitis, not just from a physical perspective but also the link between eczema and mental health issues.

The results of an online survey conducted by the UK charity into how eczema impacts social, personal and emotional well-being showed that 91% of those with the skin issue feel self-conscious and even embarrassed. 83% of respondents also expressed an ‘envy’ of people without the problem, as it reduces their quality of life.

Childhood Mental Health and Eczema

Recent research suggests that for children with eczema, mental health  problems like anxiety and depression increase. They’re also more likely to experience isolation due to school activity restrictions caused by the chronic disease and bullying on the playground. Symptoms of children with eczema-related mental health issues include:

  • Unexplainable anger or irritability.
  • Tiredness or lack of energy.
  • Ongoing feelings of sadness.
  • Crying or vocal outbursts.
  • Difficulty in concentrating.
  • Social withdrawal.

Not all children will experience these symptoms, while others will display more than one. Constantly itchy skin can be distracting and stressful for kids at school and lead classmates to say hurtful words. As such, the problems can compound and cause misery*.

*Parents concerned about signs of their little one’s affected mood should talk to a pediatric mental health specialist for guidance on what course to take.

HappySkin Offers Eczema Clothing & Support via their Online Eczema Support Group

At HappySkin, we’re proud to be able to offer relief for children in the UK and around the world with our supersoft TENCEL™/cotton garments. Proven to restore the skin’s ability to regulate levels of moisture with its cutting-edge DreamSkin coating technology, it breaks the cycle of eczema, sparing children from the misery that condition can bring.

We understand that eczema treatment should not be a one-size-fits-all approach, as every child’s skin is different. That’s why we offer consultation appointments during which one of our experts will help you understand how the skin works and how to deal with the root causes. It costs just £10, which is redeemable against any HappySkin garment purchase.

However, that’s not the only way that we help parents who have kids with eczema and mental health issues that often go hand in hand. We also offer guidance throughout the journey back to good health with our HappySkin Facebook Community Support Group which already has several hundred members – all of whom are of children affected by eczema.

Support groups for eczema  like these provide a relaxed and safe place for parents to talk and share ideas on this important topic. It can be extremely lonely coping with childhood eczema, and members get reassurance that they’re certainly not alone. It’s also a great place to pick up tips and tricks to make your child’s life more bearable.

We're In This Ongoing Battle Together With Parents Awareness weeks like these aren't just for publicity or to fill online column inches.

Rather, they are to help children directly affected by eczema and mental health issues. We hope that reading our blog and National Eczema Week 2023 inspires you to reach out and join our Facebook community so that you can get the help and support every parent needs.

It takes just a few moments to join; it’s free and could lead to long-lasting relief for your little one, so why not do so today? Alternatively, if you’re interested in discovering more about  HappySkin eczema clothing and its benefits to your child and their mental well-being, browse our site, where you can also book an expert consultation with one of their skin experts.

Don’t for a minute think you’re alone in your ongoing battle with eczema, as the HappySkin team and every Happy Skin Facebook community member is with you. Should you need any advice, guidance or answers to questions about our effective eczema clothing, visit our FAQs page or give us a call on 01707 260 505, and we’ll do our utmost to assist.


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