Have you tried everything to relieve your child’s dry, irritated, eczema-prone skin? Perhaps you’ve heard of wet wraps and are considering giving them a go. Maybe you’ve already tried them and they’re not working for you, or your lifestyle.

We’ve written about the advantages and disadvantages of both wet wraps and HappySkin® below to help you decide the next step to take in your child’s treatment.

Wet wraps

During particularly intense eczema flare-ups with severe itching or pain, some parents use wet wrap therapy to treat their children.  This aims to rehydrate and calm the skin and help topical medications work better.

Wet wraps are generally used in the evening after your child has had a bath, whilst their skin is still damp.  Topical steroids or creams are then applied to the affected skin, and covered with a damp, clean dressing.  Dry bandages are applied over the damp ones, and clothing is worn over the top of the dressing.

Wet wraps advantages

Wet wraps have been proven to have some success in treating eczema in children.  Here are some of the advantages of the treatment:

  • Reduced itching.
  • Improved sleep due to lack of itching, although sleep is not always improved (see disadvantages).
  • Decreased redness.
  • Improved hydration of the areas that are wrapped.
  • Protects the areas that are wrapped from irritants found in laundry detergents.

Wet wraps disadvantages

There are some unfortunate drawbacks to wet wrap eczema treatment. We’ve listed these below:

  • Wet wraps take quite a bit of time to apply from start to finish. For small children, this could cause difficulties, as they don’t tend to keep still!
  • Once the wet wraps have been applied, some children may find them uncomfortable. Because of this, they may find it hard to sit wrapped in wet bandages for the time required for this therapy to work.
  • Once the wet wraps have been applied, some children may find them uncomfortable. Because of this, they may find it hard to sit wrapped in wet bandages for the time required for this therapy to work.
  • Wet bandages can make your child uncomfortable and disturb their sleep. Some parents opt to use moistened pyjamas or other clothing instead.
  • The temperature of the room needs to be monitored, as children and babies could easily get too cold when wrapped in wet bandages


HappySkin® is a base layer clothing range made with DreamSkin® technology, a unique polymer that soothes and protects dry, sensitive and even eczema-prone skin.

HappySkin® Advantages

  • HappySkin®clothing’s unique Dreamskin® technology mimics the top layer of your child’s skin. When worn close to the skin, the coating on HappySkin® clothing helps to regulate moisture levels on the skin’s surface and therefore also controls temperature, so the child will never be too hot or too cold. In other words, HappySkin® takes over the job that healthy skin would normally do.
  • Unlike normal clothing, the special Dreamskin® coating on HappySkin® products prevents irritants found in laundry detergents from sticking to fabric and irritating your child’s sensitive skin.
  • Takes no time at all – just get your child dressed in their HappySkin® garments instead of their regular clothing.
  • Soothes and relieves itching.
  • Improves the hydration of dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin in all areas covered by the clothing, not just affected areas that have been wrapped.
  • DreamSkin® technology is very similar to the type of coating that is used on contact lenses, which is safe enough to use on the surface of your eyes.
  • Much less messy and time consuming than wet wraps. No topical steroids or creams are needed.
  • Improved sleep. Your child is likely to sleep better as they will be comfortable and dry.
  • Can be purchased without a visit to the doctor. Whilst wet wraps themselves can be made at home, the topical creams and steroids applied underneath them are usually only available on prescription.
  • All natural – no nasty chemicals or strong steroids.
  • All HappySkin® garments are vegan and cruelty-free, and are packed in fully recyclable materials.


We’ve had a good long think, and the only disadvantage that we can come up with for HappySkin® is that some people may be put off by the price.

To those people, we say, if you’re unsure about trying our products for the first time, give the socks a go – they’re our lowest priced product.

We know that once you see how well the socks work, you’ll be back to purchase more eczema soothing clothing from our range!

  • Eczema Baby Short Sleeve Bodysuit
    Soothing Eczema Baby Long Sleeve Bodysuit
  • eczema sleepsuit baby
    Soothing Baby Eczema Sleepsuit
  • eczema baby leggings
    Soothing Eczema Baby Leggings

If you have any questions about how HappySkin® works, or about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team by emailing hello@happy-skin.com.

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