At HappySkin, we salute all those tireless and dedicated Mums everywhere who work hard to help their children cope with eczema each and every day.

Being a Mum and helping your child deal with eczema can be a thankless task, but it’s something you need to keep on top of each and every day. The truth is modern medicine still doesn’t quite understand how to help the 1 in 5 children that the condition affects long-term, with the results offered by conventional treatments being hit-and-miss at best.

From emollients to steroid creams, the solutions offered by GPs and specialist NHS dermatologists do nothing but mask the problem, dealing with the symptoms rather than the cause. We understand the frustrations Mums face, such as with doctors, who you may not feel are listening and treatments that don’t work. It can be tough to take.

However, we’re here today to say that it doesn’t have to be this way and this Mother’s Day, we think you deserve something better. HappySkin garments offer a gentle yet extremely effective way to restore your child’s skin health, meaning no more tears. As such, we draw your attention to Aubrey and What HappySkin eczema did for her little one, Nathan.

Aubrey - "HappySkin Garments Are Really Worth It!"

Aubrey was like many other Mums of kids with eczema across the world in that she was struggling to cope. Whatever she did, didn’t seem to work for long, leaving her baby’s skin constantly angry and irritated. Needless to say, she was at her wit’s end…until she came across HappySkin clothing. We’ll let her take it from here.

“My son Nathan was diagnosed with eczema at 6 weeks old. I tried lots of creams from the shops and the GP, and they did help, but not for long. As soon as I stopped using steroid creams, the redness would come back, and as a first-time Mother, it really upset me to see him like that.

 After talking to my mother-in-law about the issue, she gave me a link to HappySkin Body Suits and Sleep Suits, and I had a chat with their responsive chat support. I ordered one of each, which arrived the next day and I tried them straight away. Within 24 hours, there was a massive difference!”

“His Back, Chest & Behind the Knees Were All Improved!”

She continues…“Nathan’s back, chest and behind his knees were all improved, and now he wears the garments 24 hours a day. So, he’ll have a wash in the morning, followed by a light cream and I’ll put on his bodysuit and leggings during the day and the sleepsuit after his nighttime bath.

I now don’t use steroid creams anymore, and I’m so happy about that! It has really helped me mentally. Seeing his skin so red every day caused me great anxiety, so to see it disappear made me very pleased. Truthfully, I was doubtful, to begin with, that the garments would work.

However, they did, and I actually ended up buying 4 garments so that he’s protected all day, every day. To anyone else going through the same thing, I recommend that you try it and persevere, as it’s really worth it when you see your child’s skin get better and better”.

It makes us so happy to see HappySkin garments having such a transformative effect on the relationships Mums have with their children, and it’s a story that’s been replicated many times over for mothers across the globe. To see other similar stories, check out our video reviews here.

Mums Everywhere Deserve the HappySkin Effect!

HappySkin eczema clothing works by stimulating the skin’s subdermal receptors that become dormant when eczema takes hold. As such, its continued daily use helps the skin to regain its ability to sweat and regulate its temperature. Most experience a significant improvement within just 7 days of use, and you can be next!

This Mother’s Day is our chance to reward Mums for the great work they do. At HappySkin, we want to do exactly that by offering our own little thank you to all those SuperMums out there by giving you an extra 10% off, plus free delivery on orders over £30*. This offer will run from the 13th March up until the evening of the 19th March to give you plenty of time to make your purchase.

(*not including Gift Cards & Almost Perfect)

From the 13th of March 2023, all you have to do to enjoy this discount and the healing power of HappySkin’s DreamSkin coating technology is use the code MD10 once you get to our online checkout. Mums everywhere deserve the joy that comes with seeing their little ones recover from eczema, so why not treat yourself or a Mum you know this Mother’s Day?

All that remains to be said is Thank You to Mums Everywhere! Keep up the amazing work, and we hope you enjoy your special day because you deserve every minute of it!

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