Eczema Baby Clothing Eczema Baby Clothing

HappySkin is effective for a number of reasons. Not only does it help with sensitive skin, it can also go as far as improving eczema on your little ones.

As well as being supersoft, HappySkin is coated in our unique DreamSkin® patented technology that moisturises the skin and regulates body temperature, which is why our clothes are so special.

To make sure you are getting the best from your HappySkin clothing, please see our guide below.


Make sure your garment is snug fit, but not too tight. In order for our unique Dreamskin® technology to work on your littles one’s skin, HappySkin needs to be worn next to the skin.

To make sure you’re getting the right size, please see our size guide table.

Using HappySkin with Creams and Emollients?

HappySkin clothing can absolutely be used in conjunction with your usual skin treatments. However, we recommend that you avoid using thick layers of cream when using HappySkin clothing as this will create a barrier between your little one’s skin and eliminates our technology to work its magic.

How long should you wear HappySkin?

Wear HappySkin for as many hours as you can during the day and night in order to get the maximum benefit, in order to get the best results for your baby or child. Our eczema clothes can also be worn underneath other clothes if this is preferable.

Is HappySkin warm enough for my little one?

The technology is used in our wide range of clothing helps to regulate body temperature.

This is especially helpful for dry or eczema prone skin as skin with eczema cannot regulate body temperature as effectively as healthy skin. This is why you will notice that your little one can get hot and sweaty even though room temperatures are not that high.

We recommend clothing your little one as you would yourself in their bedrooms and use HappySkin to replace one layer of clothing. If the room temperature is comfortable for an adult, it should also be comfortable for your little one.

How do I wash HappySkin?

HappySkin clothes can be washed with your regular clothes. We recommend to wash it between 30-40° temperature. HappySkin must be washed in a whites only wash load.

How Long will the DreamSkin® technology coated on the HappySkin clothing last?

By following our washing instructions, your HappySkin clothing will last for up to 40 washes. If the clothing still fits by then, you can of course continue to use HappySkin as you would any normal clothes.

They will still provide the great benefits of a supersoft Tencel fabric with flat seams and no irritating labels for your little one’s skin.

If you have anymore questions about how HappySkin works, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team.


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