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Why HappySkin can replace your creams

The super soft fabric used in our base layer clothing is coated with a unique technology that’s been available on prescription for over a decade. It not only retains moisture like a cream, but regulates the temperature of skin which is essential when relieving symptoms of irritated, dry and eczema prone skin. 

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Scratch free skin is HappySkin!

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What is DreamSkin Technology?

Our products contain a unique technology, called Dreamskin®. When the DreamSkin® Technology is coated to the fabric, it helps to regulate the skin’s temperature and retains moisture – helping to relieve itching and improve the hydration of dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin.

HappySkin® mimics the top layer of your skin. Our clothing is designed to regulate the flow of moisture and temperature near the skin and offers protection from unwanted irritants. That way, dry, sensitive and even eczema-prone skin stays protected and never too warm or too cool. Plus, it also provides anti-bacterial protection!

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Sizes From 0 to 10 Years

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24/7 Eczema Relief

Unlike ointments & steroids, you can’t over wear HappySkin! Our unique DreamSkin coating being in contact with the skin does all the work while your little one can focus on the important things like enjoying their skin!

Child PJ's

Eczema Pjamas



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Eczema Baby Sleepsuit



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What our happy parents have to say...

Some of our popular products

Baby (0-3 years)


Our HappySkin® bodysuit includes foldaway mitts and features flat seams with soft thread for extra comfort. Made with our unique DreamSkin® technology.


Child (4-10 years)

Child PJ's

Our HappySkin® pyjamas come with flat seams with soft thread to ensure your little ones get a comfortable night’s sleep. Made with our unique DreamSkin® technology using sustainable TENCEL/cotton premium-quality fabric.


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Our Awards

Our baby bodysuits and sleepsuits have been put through rigorous parent testing to achieve the accolades of Made for Mums Approved & Mother & Baby Tried & Tested!

We were given the stamp of approval from Mother & Baby after vigorous testing by their real mum panel.

We received a (very rare!) 100% approval rate from the MadeFromMums real mum testers!

Eczema Baby Clothes awards