Steroid creams represent just a short-term measure, especially when talking about your child’s skin. Here we examine why HappySkin eczema clothing is better.

We created HappySkin eczema baby clothing  as we knew that there had to be a better way to treat atopic dermatitis in children than traditional means. Emollient creams are mostly ineffective due to the fact they don’t get to the heart of the problem, and steroid creams can only be for a short time – something we look at here in greater detail.

By reading on, you’ll understand why HappySkin eczema clothing  is far and away the best long-term option for your child and the many unwanted side effects that are associated with the prolonged use of steroid creams on the skin.


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So, Why Are Steroid Creams Used For Eczema Treatment?

When your child has severe eczema, it’s not uncommon for your GP to prescribe topical corticosteroids to bring down the redness and inflammation. Offered alongside emollient creams, hormone-based steroid creams are applied topically (meaning directly on the skin), often coming with other antifungal and antibacterial ingredients.

The problem is that this kind of eczema treatment  is only meant to be used for 1-2 weeks, as after this point, some unpleasant side effects can occur, such as:

  • A thinning of the skin in question
  • Skin discolouration
  • Spidery blood vessels
  • Stretch marks
  • Bruising

Another issue that occurs when topical corticosteroids are applied regularly, over a large area, for a prolonged period is that they can become absorbed into the blood. This potentially results in something known as Cushing’s Syndrome, that’s characterised by puffiness of the face and body, with red patches.

If you’re unfortunate enough to reach this point, then the use or strength needs to be reduced over an extended period, as stopping abruptly can result in a severe flare-up. So, clearly, this is not something you want your child to go through and points towards our baby eczema clothing that often circumvents the need to use such a harsh option.

What Corticosteroids Don’t Do?

One of the primary reasons why eczema flare-ups occur is because the skin is unable to regulate its hydration levels. The dormant skin sensors that lie under eczema-prone skin remain unaffected by steroid creams, meaning that the root cause of the problem is never properly dealt with, as you’re just treating the symptoms.

A HappySkin eczema sleepsuit, on the other hand, is as gentle as can be, slowly helping the skin to recover by allowing it to regulate its own hydration levels. This gives the skin something that creams simply can’t i.e. the tools with which to repair itself.

You see, its unique Dreamskin coating prompts the skin’s subdermal receptors to start managing moisture and hence regulate body temperature once again (releasing sweat to cold down, as well as retain moisture to stay warm).

When worn on a daily basis, our clothes for babies with eczema delivers their polymer coating to the skin’s surface, helping to eliminate the conditions that cause eczema. They’re super-soft too, thanks to their Cotton/TENCEL fabric that soothes from the moment its worn, meaning much less discomfort, crying and a happier, more comfortable baby.

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The Gentlest & Most Effective Solution Around

So, if you’d like to break the continuous circular process that seems to leave your child’s skin irritated and damaged more often than not, we encourage you to consider the eczema child treatment that is HappySkin clothing. What’s more, it’s more affordable than you might think and can make a meaningful difference to your child’s life.

To find out more about how our eczema garments work, visit ‘What Eczema Treatment Have You Tried‘ where you’ll find everything you need to know and more. Alternatively, give us a call on 01707 260505 and we’ll be delighted to talk you through your options.


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