track your child's flare-ups with an eczema diary track your child's flare-ups with an eczema diary

When you’re in amongst it every day as a parent, it can be difficult to spot trends when it comes to problems like your child’s eczema. While you might know what a flare-up looks like, an important insight that might help you determine its triggers can easily be missed. That’s why many choose to keep an “eczema diary “each day.

As many as 80% of eczema sufferers also have food allergies, which is why knowing when your little one’s flare-ups occur is so important. Visit your GP without being armed with this insight, and you’re going to get the same general treatment, as your doctor has nothing to go on other than general symptoms. Eczema Diaries, however, change all that.

Seasonal Changes, Weather & More!

Roughly 75% of parents with children with eczema associate a worsening of the condition when the colder weather comes, so the triggers aren’t always food-related. This means drier, sorer, itchier skin, but with an eczema diary  in place, you’ll likely already understand that the cold exacerbates the condition, so you can take steps like wrapping them up warm.

Diaries like these can also help you determine the effectiveness of traditional treatments like emollient creams. At HappySkin, we’re of the opinion that emollient creams do very little, but with everything written down, you’ll be able to see that clearly for yourself. Of course, your diary needs to be kept up with over an extended period to get the overview you need.


Your Child's Eczema Is Unique to Them

The statistics show that 1 in 5 UK children live with eczema but rarely do the symptoms manifest in the same way. As such, your child’s atopic dermatitis is unique to them, and an eczema diary can help you see exactly when and why it happens. This diary can also be used to centralise all of the info you have about your loved one’s condition.

You can also keep track of their:

  • Changing symptoms
  • Overall list of triggers
  • Doctor’s appointment dates
  • Flare-up durations

Knowing what’s happening is half the battle with eczema, and with this in mind, our team has put together a free downloadable eczema diary of your own. Use it, customise it to your needs and start getting the highly useful data you need to keep your child’s skin happy and healthy.

Technology That Helps Your Child's Skin Recover

At HappySkin, our eczema clothing for children is proven to help the skin recover by restoring its ability to regulate its own temperature and moisture levels. Rather than treating the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, our garments get to the heart of the matter by stimulating the subdermal skin sensors to act as they do when the skin is healthy – helping it to heal itself.

We encourage you to use our “eczema diary” in tandem with our clothing, as you can eliminate the triggers while our super-soft cotton/TENCEL fabric and proprietary DreamSkin coating technology work their magic. For more information about this or anything relating to the eczema garments we offer for kids of all ages, please take a moment to browse our website.

However, if you’d prefer to speak to a member of our friendly team directly, that’s not a problem. Just call us today on 01707 260 505, and we’ll do everything we can to give you the answers you need.

Download Your Free Eczema Diary

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