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What is good for severe eczema?  That’s a question that any parent whose child has the problem will be keen to know the answer to, however, it’s first important to determine what the term means. While around 1 in 5 children have atopic dermatitis, severe eczema in children  affects roughly 40% of those with the skin condition.

So, before we get into the whys and wherefores of how to treat severe eczema in babies  and children, let’s talk about how the problem presents.


What is Severe Eczema in Children?

Eczema is a skin condition that your doctor will typically classify as being either mild, moderate or severe. If your child’s eczema falls into the first two categories, you’ll usually be prescribed some kind of emollient cream along with being given some advice on how to stay on top of the issue. However, severe eczema is diagnosed when:

  • Standard treatment doesn’t work as it should
  • Atopic dermatitis flares up for longer periods of time
  • The eczema covers large areas of the body

Severe eczema is often characterised by wet and weeping skin patches, which causes an increased risk of infection. Clearly, when severe eczema in children  rears its head, it’s something that you’ll need to treat with some urgency.

How Do You Treat Severe Eczema in Babies & Children?

There are a number of ways you can approach the treatment of severe eczema that affects kids, each of which attempts to alleviate the symptoms in different ways. Let’s now take a look at the options available to parents.


Wet Wraps

First, we look at an option know as a wet wrap, which is something that involves applying damp fabric strips over the affected skin. What this aims to do is increase skin moisture levels and prevent dryness.

After applying standard emollient creams, water-soaked fabric is wrapped around the area, maximixing the time these lotions stay on the skin. Left in place for a few hours, it’s a choice that needs to conducted repeatedly for any benefit to be gained.

wet wrap for eczema therapy


The next treatment for severe eczema in children  is phototherapy that employs UV lighting in a controlled environment to minimise symptoms. Bathing the skin in UVB light for durations ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes, specific areas can be treated as part of courses that can span several months.

The treatment can reduce your child’s need for topical steroid creams, as it’s known to relieve itching and the inflammation that’s familiar to parents. Again, it’s a treatment that usually needs to be carried out on an ongoing basis to see long-term results.

Phototherapy for eczema in babies

Topical Steroid Creams

Another option that can provide some temporary relief for severe atopic dermatitis in children are steroid ointments and creams. Also referred to as topical steroids, they serve to reduce redness and inflammation when applied sparingly over the affected skin. A variety of strengths are also available.

You have to be very careful when treating severe eczema in children  with topical steroids, as these hydrocortisone creams can damage the skin if used incorrectly. Also, they’re only able to used for short periods of time (maximum of 4 weeks)

Alternative solution to topical steroid creams for eczema HappySkin

Immuno-Suppressive Drugs

The next path parents can take is to consider immuno-suppressive drugs, such as azathioprine and cyclosporine. While eczema is not strictly an autoimmune disorder, it does mean that the person’s immune system is sensitive. These drugs are designed to stop the body attacking itself and alleviate symptoms.

While medication like this can be useful in helping to treat severe eczema in babies  and older children, the jury is till out on their overall efficacy.

Alternative to Immuno-Suppressive Drugs for eczema HappySkin



HappySkin Eczema Clothing

The last and arguably most effective solution on the market for severe eczema in children is HappySkin eczema clothing. These super-comfortable TENCEL/cotton bodysuits allow your child’s skin to properly regulate its temperature by stimulating its subdermal sensors to manage levels of moisture and allow recovery.

It’s the gentlest choice available, as it restores the skin’s natural moisture management process (i.e. sweating to cool down and retaining moisture to heat us up) process. Worn next to the skin under everyday clothing, HappySkin bodysuits create the conditions for long-term recovery, essentially allowing the body to heal itself. It’s all thanks to the cutting-edge Dreamskin® Polymer that coats every garment.

Effective Treatment For Severe Eczema in Children

When dealing with severe eczema in babies  and children, it’s crucial that you find the right treatment. The good news is that in HappySkin eczema clothing is that treatment, and it’s effective for all severeties of atopic dermatitis. Offering a soothing, gentle action, you can look forward to their skin’s natural function returning along with clearer, healthier skin. Why wait months for an appointment to see a dermatologist when you can help you child TODAY with HappySkin clothing.

So, if you’ve been searching for the most effective and gentlest solution for your child’s eczema, you should check out our website. There you will see our full range of garments that we can ship direct to your door. Alternatively, if you have any questions you’d like answering, call 01707 260 505, and one of our skin experts we’ll be delighted to assist.


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